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    Illusions of Victory
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  • If these walls could only speak... what stories could they tell? Stories of battle, strong vs. weak, the loser sent to hell. "I've seen glory shine in a man's eyes, before delivering the final blow..." the walls begin to say, "...then, in all his glory, he is killed, peaceful and still. Don't ever turn your back on us, for if you do, you will surely pay. Our toll is high, no need to fear, just swing your blade and pray."

  • Living paintings
    From the main duelling bridge, these paintings lining the walls appear to be functioning as mere decoration, but your bloody fate is likely to be hurled at you from them. If somebody falls off the duelling bridge, you can expect them to be flying towards you from out of one of these paintings with a vengeance. Because you'll never know which of these paintings your enemy will be coming from, be sure to keep an eye on them all if you are uncertain where your enemy is.
    From below, it is clear to see what one must do to be slung back into battle. Simply go into a chamber under one of the paintings and you will be thrusted up and out and right back into the duel. A word of advise: if you expect your enemy to be coming up through a picture, watch for it to illuminate from their saber's glow just before they pop out. Using this tactic will aid you in avoiding damage, or give a skilled player the advantage for a counter-attack.

    Copyright © 2004 by Elijah Newman-Gomez