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    Ulead PhotoImpact - Three years' experience (program's site)
    PhotoImpact is the graphic creation standard for the Ulead series of applications. It allows the user to create images using a series of layers and filters. It possesses features very simular to those found in the popular Photoshop software.

    3DS Max - One year's experience (program's site)
    3D Studio Max allows the user to create photo-realistic three-dimensional objects by using a vast variety of methods. These objects can then be rendered into animated movies, saved as single image files, or exported as 3D objects or maps for use in games.

    Autodesk Inventor - One year's experience (program's site)
    Autodesk Inventor is one of the world's fastest growing solid modeling softwares. It is a parametric feature-based solid modeling tool and it not only unites the 3D parametric features with 2D tools but also addresses every design-through-manufacturing process. The adaptive technology of this solid modeling tool allows you to handle an extremely large assembly with tremendous ease.

    JED - Six years' experience (program's site)
    JED is the main-stream level/model creation utility for the first person shooter Jedi Knight. It enables the user to craft levels using negative space editing techniques. It also features box modeling for character and object creation.

    Radiant series - Two years' experience (program's site)
    The Radiant programs allow the user to craft maps and models for Quake III engine-driven games such as Jedi Academy and Return to Castle Wolfenstien using brush editing techniques.

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