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  • It all starts in the battle field, the Imperial troops are invading your hillside village, and you will not stand still and let this turn of events take place. You gather up as many warriors as you can, and march to certain death against the invading Imperial forces.

    After just seconds of fighting you realize the battle is futile, but it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees. You drop to the ground from the force of a laser blast travelling through your body. You fall to the ground feeling the pain, the glory, and the horror of dying in war. Your wounded body lies on the cool grass, while others continue to fight over you.

    The pain of your wounds nearly drives you to insanity, but your pride gives you a sense of peace, knowing that you died fighting for your freedom. Then you begin to wonder if the price you paid was worth it. You begin to wonder if killing the men from the opposing forces, and sending your own people to their death, was all justified. Then your soul is overtaken by fear, the fear of eternity. The human mind was not designed to think upon such abstract ideas, and you begin to not think at all. You no longer have control over your body, and all you can do is gaze, gaze into your past, and what could very well be your future, you gaze into the eyes of your dead corpse, wasting away to nothing... all in the name of war, the name of death, the name of evil.

    You are swallowed up by the heavens, to be given the final test. The question on this test is simple. There are two choices, life or death, blessing or cursing, both for eternity. Now your fate is in your own hands, a place it was never meant to be held. Welcome to Purgatory.

  • Rich, vast environment
    Purgatory spans from heaven to hell, and everything in between. As you explore the level, you will come across a great deal of areas each presenting an atmosphere of their own. Some set the stage for unique gameplay, like the floating pillars (right). Or perhaps you would prefer to challenge your opponent to a duel at the peeks on hell (bottom).

    Other areas are simply for exploration. Things are not what they seem in the realm of Purgatory, don't let your eyes deceive you. Hidden passages and secret chambers are in rich supply in all areas to be utalized by the familuar player to aid them in battle or travel. A wall which appears solid may actually reveal a passage way, or a step which seems impossible to make may only require a great leap of faith.

    But exercise caution, for not every illusion will be in your favor. Your presents is not a welcome one in this realm, and Purgatory will surely attempt to be rid of your soul. The farther away you get from the center of the realm, the more dangerous your path will become. Tred lightly if you dare venture into the deep recesses of the realm. You will encounter strange and awesome sights on your journeys. Some provoking a strange since of peace or beauty, while others only present a since of loneliness and torment.

    Great journeys reap great rewards. Rewards which will give you such things as immortal life, and rewards which will grant you the means to destroy life. What ever you may find at the end of your path, use it wisely.

    Copyright © 2004 by Elijah Newman-Gomez