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    Sith Mercenary Headquarters RPG
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  • The year is 4001. The Earth's atmosphere has completely dissipated into nothing. The Earth is no more than a populated asteroid circling the Sun. Most humans have fled to other newly found life supporting planets, but a large few wish to remain on their home planet.

    The Human Conservation Act, passed by President George Bush XV in 3984, forced all governments in the Inter-Planetary Union to contribute to the construction of hundreds of Human Conservation Buildings through out Earth. When alien nations threatened the IPU, some of these buildings were converted into military bases. But when the aliens died out from human viruses, these military bases were repopulated with the average public.

    SM HQ is based in Human Conservation Building #214 - La Paz, Baja California, Earth. Building #214 is more like a self-contained city than a housing project. It has many recreational facilities such as a shooting gallery, boxing arena, movie theater, and more. But it also contains some combat training facilities from when it was a military base. Some of these include the Pillar Training Area, Zero-G Training, Anti-Gravity Tube, and many more.

    Building #214 also has many apartments for it's inhabitants. Some of these are high-class living quarters, and others are small, run down apartments in the building's getto.

  • Living quarters
    There are various "appartments" scattered around the level for use in RPG games, or to set the stage of fast and furious battles. Every appartment in SM HQ was costum built to suit the wishes of members in SM. This garantees each dwelling will present you with its own unique feel not only giving you varity in sceenary, but also giving different layout types forcing players to use combat techniques which fit their surroundings.

    SM Audio System
    Some areas feature a working audio system, each able to play a varity of music samples from popular artists such as Dido, Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, and the Texas Tornados. The SM audio system is perfect at setting the mood for a quiet RPG meeting or a ferce saber battle to the death alike. Keep that music down! You are in a public housing building after all!

    This feature is what enables both quality RPG and death match play to be carried out in a single level. With the Respawn-O-Matic spawning system, you control where the action takes place. By activating one of the appropraite consols (which are located in key locations) you cause everybody to respawn at one of four spawning postions located in or near the location of the console after they die. This allows for fast and furious game play in even the most remote areas. All players are notified when a Respawn-O-Matic console is activated, effectively giving the location of the said console. This makes it just that much easier for players in an RPG game to declare their location to their peers.

    Battle Zones
    SM HQ also contains many themed battle zones designed for pure combat and training. Some of these zones include a dark ages theamed no-force sabering arena (left), a zero-gravity weapons combat facility, and even a replica of the popular floating pillars area that was featured in Purgatory for training purposes. And thanks to the SM spawning system, once the killing starts, it won't stop any time soon after.

    Copyright © 2004 by Elijah Newman-Gomez