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    Wastelands of the Mind
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  • A mind blinded by hate can only see weakness; can only see fear; can only see opportunity. All else is lost in irrelevance. All things are one in such a mind; perfectly focused with a single objective. Enter the mind of a mad man and bring your enemies to their knees.

  • Monotone Environment
    Your enemies will be as clear as night from day. In addition to the monotone environment building an atmosphere of its own, it makes it extremely easy to spot power-ups and players from afar. You'll never find yourself consuming valuable time searching the scene for items and/or enemies because they'll stick out like a sore thumb.

    Environmental Sky
    Wastelands of the Mind utilizes a technique of sky building called a "sky box" which is seldom seen in Jedi Knight levels. Instead of a single repeating image being used as the sky, WotM sports a complete environment map created specifically for this level. The near-seamless integration of this into the level makes Wastelands of the Mind a true spectacle to behold.

    Copyright © 2004 by Elijah Newman-Gomez